Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quilting in July was pretty busy!


Working on a Lonestar!  Such a happy quilt, don't you think?  This is another quilt using
Gyleen Fitzgeralds' Poly2 Ruler. 
Such a quick quilt....with my quilter, Gloria Perkins at Glory Bee's. 
Can't wait to get it back and see Gloria's magic. 

Spent the first weekend in August in Carlisle, PA with
hubby, youngest son and his beautiful children. 
Poppy took first place with his Mercedes Unimog 1300! 
He is very proud and can you think of something more fun for a 7 year old grandson? 
His very own Army truck!  :) 
 Tons of fun and don't, for a minute, think I didn't take quilting with me.

Gloria finished the amazing quilting on this one and I spent the weekend hemming.  Such a beautiful warrior quilt thanks again to Gyleen for her ruler and for her design work on this one.
Look for it in her new book along with instructions.
Found this fun quilt video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNoZXjt_Ay0 - 40 minute scrap quilt with Valerie Nesbitt.  It inspired me to make 6 strip sets and at our 29 Jul meeting
we had a contest to make red, white and blue warrior quilt tops in one evening!
Three tops were finished that evening and three more since then.
Ours are larger than Valerie made...to meet or exceed our 55"X65" minimum size requirement so
they took a little longer than Valerie's 40 minutes, but I think they are beautiful!

 And, not to make a long story longer, but back in my High School days,
and I definitely don't want to date myself but it was back at the very end of
Vietnam and way back then, you could order a bracelet with the name and info for
a Vietnam POW as a way to remember and honor them.
Well, I ordered one and for years I wore a bracelet with the name
He turned up missing in 1968 and I continued to wear his bracelet and watch for him for years.
But, eventually I lost my bracelet.  I carried him in my heart and never forgot him.
Then, years later, after the Vietnam War Memorial Wall was built in Washington, DC
I visited the wall while chaperoning a group of Boy Scouts.
After going to the Wall and finding SP4 Ray's name; I wondered over to some vendors
along the sidewalk and discovered that the vendors were selling
bracelets of the POWs still listed as missing.
When I approached the table, I reached for a bracelet, and (I get cold chills every time I tell this)
I reached for a bracelet .... and it was for SP4 James Michael Ray!
Needless to say, I bought it to replace my lost bracelet and wore it.  Eventually I also found the original and have them both.  I am convinced that God intended me to remember
SP4 James Michael Ray.
Welllll, this morning I discovered that his father passed-away in 2011 but, at least at that time
his mother is still alive.   So, I want to verify that she is indeed still alive and I
plan to make a quilt for her, to remember her son.
I will fill you in and let you know what happens, but I only wish
they would find him and still - bring him and all the other POWs home!
I pray God will watch over, not only our POWs but all our warriors!

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