Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hubby and I attended a Community Meeting last night and were lucky to speak with our County Sheriff, Sheriff Jesse Banes!  He is a long time friend and has always been active in our community and he has been re-elected several times based on his outstanding record in our County.  I've had an idea milling around in my head for over a year now and took the opportunity to mention it to him last night. 

As a non-profit in a close-knit community, we are frequently offered fabric donations.  Many times these donations are a combination of cotton quilting fabrics as well as other types of fabrics.  Some is suitable for warrior quilts but some has been passed to other non-profits for other uses.  My idea would allow us to make quilts for children or young women in our County (either children being removed from their homes and in need of comfort or young women who have been abused).  I presented my plan to the Sheriff last night and he seemed interested.  We are expecting to hear from him soon giving us contact information and discuss what he envisions. 

Wish us well in reaching out to comfort women and children in our community.

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